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About us – Juventus Club Doc Roma

About us

Juventus Club Doc ROMA was founded in 1995 under the name Juventus Club Banca di Roma since some of the founding members were employees at that time of the Banking Institute. He has since registered the membership of numerous members of various extraction. Not only then, employees of the Bank of Rome, but also other people, largely young people, and variously located throughout the country. Many of the most warm members have been, over the years, some of the most active members of Rome-based groups such as Indians, Fighters Juve Roma (FJR) and Roma Group.

In 1999, the Club decided to change the denomination by adopting the nomenclature of Juventus Club Bancari in Rome, in response to the need to redesign its operational boundaries even in the light of the increasingly varied (and numerically increasing) typology of its members .

Since 2001, in the wake of an important tradition begun a few years ago, the Club has distinguished itself for its organizational capacity. Since then every border has been demolished. Very few are, for example, European matches played by Juventus who have not seen the participation of Club members.

Historical remains are the tournaments organized in 2003 where, within a month, the club managed to bring about 400 fans first to Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium to support F.C. Juventus in the Champions League semifinals match against Real Madrid and Manchester at Old Trafford Stadium to support the team for the Champions League final match against Milan. On both occasions, it was the only official club in Italy to organize two charter flights departing from Rome twice.

Over the past 15 years, our members have been able to see cities such as Glasgow (on more than one occasion), London (on more than one occasion), Munich (on more than one occasion), Liverpool, San Sebastian, Newcastle, Amsterdam (on more than one occasion), Bruges, Manchester (on more than one occasion), Tripoli, Madrid (on more than one occasion), Barcelona, Leverkusen, Rotterdam, Seville, Mönchengladbach, Athens, Eindhoven, Malmo, Monaco, Dortmund.

In 2004, at the same time as the National Coordination Center was established, the Club joined the Juventus Club Doc project, further strengthening its collaboration with official channels Juventus F.C.
From the 2006-07 sports season, the board has proposed to its shareholders a new name change, considering the fact that in the past few years the initial connection with the banking world has come to an end, while rooting in the world has been increasingly fortified Roman youth. Therefore, the assembly of the epoch unanimously ruled the denomination Juventus Club Roma, subsequently ratified officially by F.C. Juventus.

Since 2008, Juventus Club Doc Roma (the name DOC distinguishes itself from the clubs officially recognized by FCJuventus) has further expanded its horizons, distinguishing itself not only by the continued participation in Juventus’s Italian and European matches, but also for the organization Of socio-sports-cultural events, in collaboration with associations and onlus for the disabled and the less fortunate, for the organization of the Regional Tournament among the Juventus Club Doc of Lazio, which is held every year since 2014 and for the participation Active in Sport and Civic and Cultural Education of the Capital.

Since September 2011 (inauguration of the Juventus Stadium), the Board decides to transfer most of the club’s subscriptions to the 107th section of the North Tribune, which for many of us has become a true second home.

“The past belongs to us, but we do not belong to the past: we are present. We build the future, but we are not in the future. “
Mahatma Gandhi